Sunday, June 07, 2009

...and the winner is...

OK, first the real answers... I realize these were sort of extra-hard, but I knew if I made them any easier then certain people would get them ALL right and then what would I do? So...

1. What was the main industry in the town I grew up in?

b. logging (I grew up in a tiny logging town called Philomath. Giant log trucks, sawmills, loggers... the whole bit.)

2. If pressed, which will I claim to be my favorite book?
d. Little Women (I have read this approximately one million times and I still love it)

3. I have a guilty secret. Although it pains me to admit it, I love:
c. Really trashy reality TV (I have very little patience for movies or regular TV; however, trashy reality TV is just silly enough that I can watch certain shows and still do other things.)

4. Which two subjects was I only a few credits short of minoring in, in college?
c. German and Philosophy (Oh come on! Two such very useful subjects like German and Philosophy? I'm surprised more people didn't get this. I was clearly going for 'marketable' in college...)

5. I'm having a nightmare where I'm forced to do something I hate to do. What is it?
c. Make small talk (Hate, hate, hate, hate making small talk. I totally suck at it and usually say something completely lame and stupid. I hate it. My personal hell is a networking event.)

6. If I had my absolute choice and freedom of how to live and what to do, it would be:
a. Small cottage with picket fence, big garden, small working farm: microfarmer and artist (while making this question, I was surprised that I really didn't want a big house or much luxury. I really kind of like small-scale, hard-work, make-it-mine kind of lifestyle, apparently)

7. If could eat this every day without gaining an ounce, I would without a moment's hesitation:
a. homemade biscuits (There is something about pillowy, soft, fluffy, buttery biscuits. I would eat them over cookies, pie, or regular bread ANY day)

8. When painting (owls, for instance), I like to listen to:
a. 80s metal: Metallica, Def Leppard (I don't think anyone guessed this one! It's so funny, but this sort of music really helps me drown out any other sort of thoughts/feelings/distractions and I can just focus on what my hands are doing without getting all anxious and tripping myself up.)

9. Keeping in mind that I am an Oregonian, what is my very favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon (as opposed to my usual)
d. driving around, taking photos, getting muddy (I like ALL of these things in the rain: shopping, people-watching, reading, movie-watching, but I love getting outside in the rain.)

10. As a child, I used to wear this for my town's annual parade:
c. a sunbonnet (like Laura Ingalls Wilder) (every year my town had a parade in honor of the rodeo that happened each summer... there was a 'kids parade' before the real parade, and since our town was along the Applegate Trail, all the kids dressed up like pioneers. I had a great sunbonnet which my mom made!)

And a bonus, tie-breaker question:

What is one of my hidden talents?
a. I write fantastic craigslist ads (it's true! For some reason I write pretty good ads. Who knew?)

And now for the winner:

Erin! (actually tied with D'Arcy, but thank goodness for the tie-breaker... D'Arcy, you have such faith in my memorization skills!)

But, since you were all so sweet to take the quiz, I've decided to give ALL OF YOU a print!

So, email me at daphneannphillips(at) and let me know your choice and your address, and I'll send them along!

Enjoy! And thank you for reading my blog!


D'Arcy said...

AAARGH! And I was torn between 70's classic rock and 80's metal...

Stefanie said...

Oh, I am so embarrassed at how badly I sucked in answering these! But really, I get an owl print anyway? I want to hug you for that, I love your owls! Red owl for me please. I think you have my address ;)

Daphne said...

D'Arcy: well, they're sort of close... which owl do you want?

Stefanie: yes! red owl coming right up!

Lara Starr said...

Ha! I really went back and forth on the music one - my finger twitched over the 80's hair bands....

The bonnet kills me b/c I (like most of us) was totally into Little House on the Prairie and was totally jealous of a friend of mine who had a Laura Ingallesque bonnet....

Tammie said...

i thnk i only got one or two right. i suck.

i cant believe we all get owls. you are awesome!!
make mine a blue please.

Nymeth said...

yay! Thanks again, Daphne :D