Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Library Loot

Again, Eva has a great post. This week, it's about Library Loot. Coincidentally, I just went to the library today and overindulged (is that possible, to overindulge at the library?). I just got a big list of recommendations from Dark Carnival and a couple of other sites, so I was armed and ready. Seems to be tending towards the dark and mysterious, but oh well.

Here is what I got:
* The Grotesque, a gothic mystery set in England. A paralyzed master, evil butler, and black humor throughout. What could be better?
* Was, a "disturbing yet fascinating" retelling of the Oz story.
* Hostage To The Devil, a non-fiction recounting of 'actual' stories of possessions. I am a sucker for this kind of thing.
* The Trickster, another dark mystery. Publisher's Weekly says, "A seamless fusion of the supernatural and the psychological distinguishes this page-turning first novel, an impressive distillation of the Native Canadian experience"
* Hotel Transylvania, a book I just happened upon while browsing. An older gothic vampire-romance tale (the first in a long series) that I hadn't heard of before. Looks like good fun.

And two others I picked up with Terri in mind, but will probably browse as well:
* The Soul's Religion: Cultivating a Profoundly Spiritual Way of Life. I like Thomas Moore's books and have read most of them. This one seems appropriate and compelling.
* On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide For The Modern Magician. Metaphysical-spiritual angle on the alchemist's search for transformation. Terri has a thing for alchemy, and I want to explore alchemy-themed art. Seems like an interesting book to investigate.

In other news, I'm finally feeling better. I feel like a new person today. I'm not sure why. Detox diet? Catching up on sleep? Burned out all the grouchy carbons? I don't know, but I'll take it. I feel more like myself. A tired self, but not a homicidal and/or suicidal self. Yesterday I felt like a monster. A depressed, exhausted, teary, achy, puffy, annoyed/annoying, irritable grouchy monster. Today I'm in a decent mood, which compared to how I have been feeling, feels like a freaking fantastic mood!

And Terri is feeling a little better too. Blessings all around. Thank God. We were on the verge of going under, for awhile. I don't even know what I mean by that, but it wouldn't be pretty in any case.


Eva said...

I have too many comments to make, so I'm numbering them. lol

1) It's not possible to overindulge at the library! :)

2) What is it with the Wizard of Oz that lends itself to strange retellings?! lol I really enjoyed Wicked, but the first few chapters almost had me closing the book. This version sounds a bit too dark for me (I clicked through on amazon). But that Hotel Transylvania book loks like fun: I'll be watching for your review!

3) I keep meaning to read Thomas Moore and then forgetting. Since you've read most of his books, is there one that's better to start with? Have you read Joseph Campbell? I'm a big fan of him. :)

Daphne said...

Hi Eva-

I know what you mean about Wicked, but I ended up loving that book. I haven't read any of his other recent books -- I tried Lost and another one and didn't really love them, but I hear there are more Oz books? I should try it. I think this retelling is kind of dark. We'll see how it goes.

Thomas Moore: I would start with Care of the Soul. And I have read Joseph Campbell and *love* him. His interview with Bill Moyer made a huge impact on me in college, and I've loved most everything I've read of his. The TV interviews are fun, too.

I'm anxious to start the Hotel Transylvania, too. I guess it's a big series, we'll see how it goes! I think I'm starting with The Grotesque.

Tammie said...

glad you both are feeling better.

im intrigued by Was. there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to read all that i wish to read.

Susan said...

I love Moore's Care of the Soul too. Sometimes I just open it to a page and let it refresh me. I've read it several times. if you haven't read Women Who Run With the Wolves, I highly recommend it - it takes fairy tales and ties it with themes in women's lives. Really good psychological and myth work that is still easy to get through. Plus, how can anyone hate an author who says women are made to be different shapes and sizes?

stefanie said...

Glad you both are feeling better. And what great library loot! Even better that library loot is free of charge :)

Nymeth said...

Gotta love library loots! I so need to loot mine next week. Doesn't matter that I have piles of books read right here, nope nope.

I've heard great things about Was and look forward to your thoughts on it!

____Maggie said...

Some days I feel like cookie monster! ;D Very interesting haul, some I have never heard of! Enjoy, and I hope next week is better!