Thursday, January 08, 2009

Easing Back Into Usual

Although I was really tired (again) today, I am still feeling more back to normal. At around 2 pm I hit the wall, and had to have some tea. I think I'm done with the detox diet, one day early. I'm feeling better and back in the habit of eating fruits and vegetables again, so, mission accomplished.

To celebrate, I decided to make homemade veggie (bean) burgers and fries tonight. I've never made veggie burgers before from scratch. I used a Mark Bittman recipe as a base and had some fun with flavorings. Turned out pretty good; photos tomorrow (hopefully... I still can't find that silly cord). They were very easy and quite delicious. The fries were just Trader Joes fries. Also very good. I am soooo full.

So, easing back into a somewhat normal routine. Getting caught up at work, cooking more at home, immersing myself in books again, etc. It feels good, although one downside is that now that I'm feeling more myself, the piles of mess that we've pushed off to the side to be sorted 'later' are starting to bug me. So maybe some organization this weekend. Although unless I feel significantly more energetic, I may just hang out with books and Terri all weekend and ignore the messy corners. If I can.

Some things I am proud of today:
1. getting my inbox at work down to 39 emails, from 200+ earlier this week
2. making some darn good veggie burgers, first try!
3. not falling apart for two days in a row!
4. uh, that's all I can think of.

Fading now. Time for the rest of Top Chef and then to bed. I cannot WAIT to sleep in for TWO DAYS IN A ROW this weekend! Awesome.

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