Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Which I Lose Patience Altogether

Class was dumb. Beyond dumb. I started asking pointed questions, which the teacher could not answer.

Checked on puppies, only to find that mama dog had had diarrhea. Everybody had poopy paws. Pitfalls of being a petsitter I guess. That was really, really gross. And did not help my mood.

Get home. Cats are complaining loudly about food that they don't like. They will just have to complain because they aren't getting anything else. They are very pitiful.

I need a shower and I need to go straight to bed before anyone gets hurt.


Erin said...

What an incredibly crappy day!

Daphne said...

Ha ha. Hopefully I can get to the 'bottom' of it all soon. :)

Kate said...

Hope today's brighter and better.