Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wow, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am so not in the holiday spirit.

My mom surprised me this morning by saying she's coming down tonight to spend Thanksgiving with us, and to help with the move stuff! I was so touched. I don't think I've spent Thanksgiving (the actual day) with my mom in probably at least 8 years. I know the circumstances aren't the best, but it will be really nice to have her around this weekend.

Since we are having Thanksgiving at home, I went out this afternoon to forage for food. My initial plan was to just buy a ready-made dinner from a grocery store or chain, but they were all sold out. So it's going to be a combination of easy homemade and instant and pre-made.

Menu For Thanksgiving 2008
* Pre-stuffed 2.5lb turkey breast from Trader Joe's (apple-cranberry stuffing). We'll have to cook it but it's little and won't take long.
* Instant garlic mashed potatoes (Trader Joe's)
* Instant gravy (gotta have the easy gravy!)
* Stuffing from a box
* Fresh asparagus
* Fresh carrots
* Fresh salad (just lettuce), bottled dressing
* Cranberry rolls (from Trader Joe's)
* Pumpkin pie (Trader Joe's)
* German chocolate cake (Safeway)
* Lemon meringue pie (Safeway)

Usually I would make all this stuff from scratch. Not this year! It will be nice, just enough work (put the turkey in the oven, steam the vegetables, add water to the potatoes) to feel like dinner's been 'made' but not enough to tire anyone out. Then, football and dominoes. Sounds perfect.

Also, please note that there are three desserts, for three people. Like I said, perfect.


Anonymous said...

I def noticed the three desserts - you are a girl after my own heart.

If it makes you feel any better - I burned the crust of the pumpkin pie :)



Daphne said...

I am afraid to start this "buying pies" thing because it's so satisfying... instant pie!