Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change Is Coming (Faster Than I Expected)

Well, things happen in waves, right?

Terri had a doctor appointment today. Basically, once we told him about all the mold results, plus her most recent test results, he said that we have to leave this apartment. She's not going to get better while she's here with all the mold (sez Mr. Doctor). She has the specific genotypes that make it difficult to clear toxins from her body (here's Terri's post on that), so even if it's NOT toxic black mold, her body is being adversely affected by all the mold in our house. And if it IS toxic black mold (we're getting it tested right now), then we have to leave immediately.

As opposed to just very very soon. (here's Terri's post on today's appointment).

So. Well, we never LOVED it here anyway. It's been a fine place, and I have even liked it. But, we've vowed that the next place, we will LOVE, and we won't move until we find that place. Moving always involves so many details, and this move will involve more than most (the mold complicates things), but it's okay. I'm on-board. I think this will be really, really positive. The idea is, once we move and Terri gets the mold toxins out of her body (she's starting treatment for that tonight), then the other treatments will have a chance to take effect.

Things are just changing all over the place. I'm going to take a cue from Obama's election and believe in hope, and believe that it's all positive change. We've made our Apartment Wish List and posted it on the fridge. Now, Universe, it's in your hands.

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stefanie said...

Good luck finding a new apartment! I'm sure something fantastic will come along. You two deserve it!