Thursday, November 06, 2008

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Ok, enough about politics. I'm not even going to go into the passing of Prop 8, it just makes me sick and angry and so very upset. (insert long paragraph about bigotry, homophobia, the contrast between electing Obama and passing Prop 8, and the general small-mindedness of some people. End rant.)

Anyway. Isn't looking for apartments fun? I went and looked at one today. I specifically asked if it had any history of water damage, before I went to see it. "Oh, no! Absolutely not," they say. I go in -- and besides the fact that it's a totally gross apartment -- there's all sorts of water damage in the bathroom. People!!

So. The search continues. This will make apartment number.... eight, since I moved to California 10 years ago. Is that right? I guess it is. Geez. That's a lot of moving for someone who hates to move. I thought I was averaging about two years per place, but apparently not. Please note: many of these moves were prompted by forces somewhat outside my control, i.e. the landlord deciding to sell the apartment, relationship falling apart or solidifying, etc.

I'm reading My Stroke Of Insight -- you may have heard about this book, it's being hyped up to some degree. Anyway, we bought it, it looked good. It's *okay*; it's a poor follow-up to The Terror. Review to come soon. And then I need to make a winter TBR list.

I'll leave you with one more random thought -- why does hair behave only in cycles? Mine goes in like three-week spurts. It's good for about three weeks after I get it cut, and then it goes bad for a few weeks, and then good again. It's currently in a frustrating stage. Naughty hair!

Ok. That's my blog for the day. NaBloPoMo, you may be my undoing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Daph - I'm so sorry you guys have to move. Please let me know when I can help. I know Terri's day by day and I'm happy to spend a Saturday ir two packing and/or schlepping.

Here's hoping this will be a great move for Terri's health and in every other way.



Daphne said...

Oh, thank you so much! I will let you know... send us "good apartment" karma...

D'Arcy said...

If I had moved to California, I'd be able to help, too :( Instead, I'll just send good apartment karma and keep you and Terri in my thoughts.

stefanie said...

The perfect apartment will turn up when you least expect it to!

As for hair, mine does the same thing! I got it cut two weeks ago and while is still looks fine I am already seeing evidence that it is about to turn on me!