Monday, November 27, 2006

I Was Good And Now I Need A Break

I was such a good girl and got my flu shot today, and now my arm hurts, my tummy feels sick, and I just need a break (not to mention I got my emails, which were at 70 count, down to 28!).

If you're ever curious about what I'm making for my little personal chef venture, check out Persephone In The Kitchen. It's nothing fancy, but I'm trying to keep track of what I cook and where I got the recipe, and then also reactions to the recipes and notes about future ideas. More than anything, I need a record of what I make and what was successful. So there.

Was talking to Lara this weekend about home-owning, and it made me sad. I know it's sort of the impossible dream (around here), but I wonder if it is possible after all? I mean, like we'll EVER have $50,000 for a down payment, but maybe, somehow, maybe it could happen... maybe if we move up north to Santa Rosa? I don't know. I suppose I'd also be relatively happy if we could just rent a cozy nice house that we could live in for a long time. Or maybe something wonderful will happen and somehow we'll get a s**tload of money dumped in our laps and then we can buy something. I'm open, Universe! But really. When one of my dearest dreams is to own a house, it's awfully hard to accept that it might never happen if we stay here.

Which begs the question, why stay here? But we've gone over all that before. All I can do is just work and work at manifesting this dream somehow. And wait for it to happen. One thing I just love about life is that if you are open to things happening in a different way than you expect, all kinds of things can happen.

Here's something I'd like to manifest: a pet-sitting job involving kittens.

Today's weather is definitely not cooperating. It looked like it was going to storm, and it's just sort of pooped out with wimpy half-sunny half-windy weather. My mom says it snowed up in Oregon today. Now THAT would make for an interesting day around these parts.

OK, I think I definitely need to eat something. My arm is hurting and I feel pretty yucky. But I'm glad I got the shot. That's all we need, me getting the flu.

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