Friday, October 13, 2006

Best Friends

Another list, but this one is about my best friend, Erin.

1. What do you think is one of her best qualities?

She is so darn funny. Her sense of humor is unexpected and colors the way she goes about in the world. Sometimes her humor is dark and angry, but it’s always funny. That’s something I love most about her, the way she makes me laugh, and how we laugh together. Laughter in the midst of pain, laughter at nothing at all, laughter to make the time go by… every kind of laughter. She’s also really, really good at sharing her emotions, at least with me. It’s something I would do well to learn from her.

2. What physical feature do you love about her?

Erin has fabulous brown sparkly eyes and really great hair. One of her daughters has inherited these mischievous eyes, and they sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, just like hers. She also has, and always has, really terrific hair, both in color and in style.

3. Why do her friends enjoy spending time with her?

Well, I’ve already said the funny part. She’s a funny one. She’s also extremely good at listening and being engaged with what you are saying. She very rarely is distracted when you really need her to listen. She’s also usually up for doing fun stuff. Craft fairs, hiking, shopping, community events… she’s usually up for just about anything. She also likes quirky things that I don’t always understand, like Tupperware parties and vacuum demonstrations, but that’s just another reason why I love her.

4. What is a skill she is very, very good at?

She’s definitely really good at spinning and knitting. She’s also an excellent nurse. She’s a darn fine mama, too. But one of the things she is really good at is making me feel like I’m a special person, and I really appreciate that. We’ve been best friends for 15 years, and words cannot express how much I value our friendship. That’s a worthy skill: being a great best friend.

5. What one gift does she offer this world, that no one else can?

Erin ’s best gift to the world is her unique knack of making the everyday mundane things, fun. When I go home to visit, we usually don’t do much of anything except run errands and play with her kids. But going to the grocery store with her is fun. Cooking dinner with her is fun. Grumbling about her ex is fun. She is just plain fun to be around. I think what this skill is, is actually her deep empathy and humor combined into a way of _expression that makes other people feel special.

6. What color does she love, and how does it personify all the wonderful things about her?

She loves rich colors. For some reason, I think she loves indigo (deep blue-purple), although I can't remember right now if that's her favorite… but I know she loves all sorts of rich colors. I think it speaks to her longing for a full, rich life. She’s closer than she thinks.

7. What is her favorite piece of clothing, and why does it make her feel so good?

Since I don’t live close and don't see her clothes often, I really don’t know, but I know she has a fabulous black jacket that shows off her curves. She also has great taste in shoes, which I know she likes because her feet are so hard to fit. So when she’s got great shoes, she wears them out!

8. What is one thing she’s given you that you think is really amazing?

Erin has given me a lot of great things over the years. A few favorites: The raku nameplate she made for me. The knitted lace scarf. The hot plate from her daughter. But mostly, the most amazing thing she’s ever given me, is her deep commitment to our friendship. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but what is most amazing to me is that I know that No. Matter. What., we will return to our friendship and heal whatever wounds may have happened, and grow old, always knowing that we are two of the lucky ones, who have a true best friend, who is always, always there for you. It’s one of the best things in my life.

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