Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OK, What's The Message

So far today, I have:
  • Forgotten my wallet when I went to the store (luckily they accepted a check without ID)
  • Forgotten my massage therapy appointment
  • Mixed up the phone installation date
  • Left my cell phone at the house where I am dog-sitting

I've felt fuzzy-headed all day long, and vaguely guilty, like something is nagging at me, like I'm supposed to be doing homework or something. Even at home, I keep feeling like I've forgotten something, or I'm procrastinating somehow, but aside from a big list of constant to-dos (housework, creative stuff, books to read, etc.), I'm not really 'not doing' anything.

So what gives? Why the day full of holes?

Maybe it's a reminder to take things a little bit slower than I want. Stop and think. Maybe I'm more tired than I think and I'm on auto-pilot (and being a bad pilot, at that). I feel that vague sense of something's not sitting quite right, but I can't think of what it is. I wrote earlier about being on the edge of the dark well of 'I can't's... maybe it's all just me being a little bit more worn out than I realize. In truth, my eyes are sticky and heavy, I don't feel like doing much of anything, and maybe I am really tuckered. Will fighting an infection really make you this tired? I've pretty much done nothing but rest for over a week.

Ismail will be in town this week. That'll be fun. I'll just take it easy. Have some dinner at home. Maybe some city exploration if we're all up for it. Maybe just a coupla long evenings chatting (his wife is coming, too). At any rate, it will be nice to see him and catch up.

But I have to remember to take it easy, obviously.

Maybe I need to take my own advice and eat a little more protein and some more veggies. And I think a hot bath is called for as well. Bath and bed. Its' only 9, but what the heck.

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