Saturday, September 09, 2006

It Worked!

So this morning, one of my manifest-wishes came true! I have been thinking and planning on having my pet-sitting business be mostly centered on clients in the Gold Coast area of Alameda - the fancy, beautiful Victorians and quiet streets... and people willing to pay lots for extra care for their pets. And this morning, I met my first Grand Street clients! It's just a single morning visit (this time) but they said they were so happy to find someone in Alameda and that they would certainly be calling me again since they usually board their dogs.

Yay! It worked. I am still under-priced for this area, but I figure I'll keep prices the same and then raise them slightly in the new year if things are going well.

Also, my mom just called and said that she was at Nordstrom the other day and showed her necklace to the salespeople; they liked it and asked who made it and if they used semi-precious stones... so that's encouraging. Something to think about. I MUST get my website up and running soon. I'd better modify it right now to direct people to email me currently if they want to order something, until I figure out how to build the site how I want it.

It's funny. I was sick for a week and was feeling those old "I can't do this" vibes... then I started to feel better and started thinking "I AM doing this, and it's going GREAT" thoughts... and things started happening again! I love that. It's like what my dad used to teach me about 'intent'. It's your intent that manifests. And apparently, it's true.

Thanks, Universe. Now... how about that house?

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