Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tomato Soup Is Good For The Soul

Tired, achy, a little down.

But I have my all-time fave tomato soup recipe simmering on the stove (with the inclusion of some leftover white rice to make it super-creamy... I learned that at Sauce.. see, these fancy girl-dinners ARE worthwhile!), some really cheesy but soothing spa/massage music on, laundry in the machine, and nothing to do but sort beads and wait for Ms. T to come home. So, life is good, in spite of everything.

I have a $75 gift certificate towards a fancy spa treatment. I'm trying to decide where to go. I'm somewhat limited (only certain spas participate with this particular gift certificate) but I'm thinking International Orange. There are a few others I'm considering, but this one sounds very nice. I would like a very indulgent facial. I'm thinking of this one: the Holistic Purification. It sounds very foofy and wonderful. I want to come away with a product or two as well. Which means I'll probably be spending as much as my gift certificate, or more, but I figure hey. I just got a check for pet-sitting. I want to put it back into the business for inventory, but what's the use of a side business if you don't get rewards, right? So, I could 'pay myself' a little bit from my NEW business checking account and have a really foofy day at the spa.

There's also this one at Tru.
Or this one at Bliss.

Oh, the crazy world of San Francisco high-end spas. How does one choose?

Well. I've had a facial at Tru, and it was really nice. I've gotten a recommendation for an aesthetician at International Orange, so that's also good. And Bliss is supposed to be ultra-foof. I guess I'll just start with one and see who's got what on what date and go from there.

I'm just lucky to have the option for such a treat!

On days like today, when you just want to throw in the towel and come home and cuddle and nap and avoid the rest of the world, it's nice to remember your blessings. My top 5 for today:

  1. Homemade tomato soup and garlic bread
  2. New bead books that look so cool and helpful
  3. My hair is finally growing out to a decent length (almost)
  4. Erin is coming tomorrow!!
  5. And always, my Terri, my cats, a safe home and a good job.

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