Thursday, April 08, 2010


(I like this building, near North Beach, in SF. I wonder what the apartment upstairs is like...)
A few random thoughts:

1. We are watching the last season of Buffy. Note to people who have not watched Buffy yet -- you MUST watch Buffy (no question) but be aware that the first half of the first season is a little slow, but then it gets REALLY good very quickly, so stick with it. And, I am being reminded, the last season is also a little slow and actually sort of depressing. But we need to see it through to the end. The middle 5 1/2 seasons are completely, totally amazing. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

2. I'm on a madcap reading spree. Finishing Auntie Mame right now, and heading straight for Jeeves and Wooster. I need a little madcap to keep me from fidgeting and being anxious about next Tuesday.

3. We have GOT to start eating something other than plain pasta (for Terri) or 3-ingredient quickie meals (me). Although strangely I really don't seem to mind. It's nice to take a break from cooking so much sometimes. However, it's spring and veggies must be consumed.

4. I'm really, really tired. Have I mentioned this before? Yeah. Tired. My walking buddy (Jenn) and I are trying to walk three nights a week (about 3 miles each time). This is great. We are walking (maybe jogging some of it) the Bay to Breakers race in May (with my BFF Erin, who is coming down for it) so we have to keep doing it, but really all I want to do is come home and get in bed. Three nights a week is feeling like a lot, even though it's actually not that much. Have I mentioned that I will be glad when next Tuesday is over?

We seem to be on minimal-use autopilot right now, just sort of skimming along until we know what next Tuesday will bring. That's okay, that's exactly what we need to be doing right now. Still, I'll be happy when we can start househunting in earnest, when we can eat more vegetables and real meals, and when I can devote more energy to my own fun stuff. It's been a really long year and a half of hard work and creative frugal-izing, and while I'm eternally grateful that I have the skills, talents, and knowledge to have made it work so well, I'll be happy to be able to relax just a wee bit.


Stefanie said...

That is a really cool looking building. I know you're househunting but I'd totally look into the apartment. Be good to yourself!

Daphne said...

Isn't it cool? It's above this Latin-American store/restaurant. I would imagine quite colorful and musical, with good smells. :)

Tammie said...

love the building and LOVE random posts.

jay and i walk 3-5 nights a week, although only about a mile and a half. some days i dread it, but always feel better afterwards.

we've been eating a lot of spring-y meals and salads too. basically, because we want to use up all our canned veggies. :)

Tammie said...

also: my pal dani posted this corn salad recipe the other day. we made it today and it's delicious.

i dont know if any of the ingredients bother terris tummy, but it could all be easily modified.

Daphne said...

PS: Tammie, I made that salad last night. Hello!? Pure deliciousness.

Tammie said...

glad you liked it.

i ate some leftovers today on a taco shell with sour creme.