Friday, April 02, 2010

in which our author has an Idea

So, I'm sure other people have thought of this before me, but I saw Eva's post with the adorable pink cottage, and got to thinking: wouldn't it be fun to have a book blogger retreat? Nothing like BlogHer or anything crazy like that, but something warm and intimate and cozy.

Other bloggers (crafty, small-business types, mostly) seem to have retreats all the time. They always sound fun, but kind of vaguely intimidating. Is it just me? Anyway.

So I was thinking, what if I organized something actually relaxing? Like a slumber party for grownup girls who love books? The only criteria would be that you needed to love books, and either love reading book blogs or have one of your own. (I wouldn't be real strict about this)

(eventually I would love to do a week-long summer camp for book lovers. Now wouldn't THAT be fun!)

My loose idea:
  • Rent a lovely cottage or house somewhere fun, like Calistoga. Something like this?
  • That way, there are plenty of spa experiences available for those who want them. I could organize a few day trip options.
  • Lounging at the cottage (maybe there would be a pool?) would also be an option.
  • Other activities could include a "book club" where we all read a specified book in advance and then one evening have a "meeting" where we talk about the book in detail.
  • Book swap?
  • Book art project?
  • Perhaps it might be arranged around an author-speaking date?
  • Lots of time for reading!
  • Game of Authors in the evening
  • Featuring of course fabulous food and coffee and literary gossip and possibly book-theme movie-viewing
What do you think? Doesn't that sound nice? Maybe it's just me, craving some relaxing time to just lounge around with my books, and maybe have some yummy food and a massage.

I don't know many bloggers here on the west coast, but I *could.* And maybe this could be enticing enough to lure folks from elsewhere.

Thinking, thinking, thinking...


Tammie said...

this sounds like a lot of fun. and that cottage looks so relaxing.

im very intimidated by the crafty retreats.

actually im intimidated by most blog meet ups in general. ive avoided them so far because the ones that have been near me have been filled with other bloggers who are already a close tight knit group and i just felt like it wasnt a right fit for me.

but i think a book blog meet up wouldnt be so pressure packed because even if we're all very different, we agree at the very least, on a shared love of books.

i know this is all in the early stages but how long would you think of making it be? right now i probably couldnt commit to more than a 2 day/1 night type stay.

Daphne said...

I get these great ideas and then I'm terrified of seeing them through, but I think it would be fun. I'm thinking it would be like a Fri-Sun thing (arrive on Friday, leave Sunday). I hate clique-y stuff so I would make this very open to anyone who wants to come (but I think I'd keep it small for the first one). ?? I think it would be awfully fun. Maybe for the fall or next spring?

Lara Starr said...

I think it sounds lovely!

Not that this is intended to make fun of you at all, but last night I had trouble sleeping and in that obsessive over-tired state I got the "totally brilliant" idea to make a FB page called "Lara's One Cool Thing" where I'd post one cool item, video, thing to do each day. I was convinced I had a million-dollar plan. Then in the clear light of day I realized I'd "invented" Daily Candy which no one I know reads anymore....

Kate said...

I'd come if I were close enough!

Eva said...

If I lived anywhere near you, I'd join in! :)

And seriously, since I've posted that picture, I've been talking w/ my mom about the logistics of custom-building a very small house just for me. hehe