Thursday, March 04, 2010


Bizarre string of days/weeks lately. Just weird, weird, weird stuff happening all around.

Today, I woke up in a slightly grumpy mood, and it didn't help that I had a stomachache. And then, that my hair rebelled and gave me the worst hair day I've had in years. And then that I drove all the way to work and realized, as I pulled into the parking lot (late) that I forgot something essential for the workday, so I had to go home and get it.


And then the day was just busy busy busy, with some extremely random weirdness thrown in. A good day work-wise, but then I made a lovely faux-pas at the end which makes me feel like a dummy and hope that I didn't hurt someone's feelings. Ugh.

And then diving deeper into the weirdness when I got home (no weirdness at home, just looking into the weirdness that came up during the day), which is unsettling.

My best friend emailed me something about how there is this major cosmic astrological upheaval happening right now through August. It makes sense, because things just do not feel right with the world.

I just feel like retreating slightly. Things don't feel quite stable. Books and solid, real things seem like good things to focus on right now. I have some fun bookish things to share, but will save it for tomorrow or the weekend when I'm thinking a little more clearly.

Is anyone else having this experience of things seeming incredibly weird lately?


Tammie said...

ive noticed a lot of weird strangeness too. it hasnt all been bad just bizarre and out of the ordinary.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Not weirdness like you're seeing. This week, I've been questioning people's logic (mostly my teenage daughter's logic -- which I'm thinking is quite illogical). At any rate -- I'm going to lay low for a few days and hope SHE comes around to my way of thinking.

A good book may help! Have a great weekend.

Stefanie said...

No weirdness here, at least nothing out of the ordinary weirdness :)

Daphne said...

Hmmph. Maybe it's just me. And Tammie. :)