Thursday, February 18, 2010

...funny you should say that...

From my favorite astrology site:

"I need a break from watching you work your psyche to the bone. At least for now, I'm not willing to indulge you in your inclination to do your duty so exhaustively that you suffer. And as much as I admire your drive to get things perfect, I cannot in good conscience encourage you to do that, either. It is therefore with a sense of relief that I counsel you to take at least a week off from the behavior I described. Instead, try playful, messy experiments that are in service to your own needs. Be a freewheeling explorer, a wandering improviser. "

Oh, this makes me laugh. Who, me? Doing my (imagined) duty exhaustively? Nah.


The good news is that I've started painting again. Perhaps in a precog moment, I decided to try something different and do some abstract stuff. Inspired by, of all things, an ad for Cost Plus, I'm having a lot of fun with this new direction. Pictures to come soon.

It's been a weird week at work, and an overly thought-filled week at home (too many things to think about, not enough time to just BE). Although I have lots to do this weekend, I'm going to try to have fun with it all. Let's see here. In direct opposition to the horoscope imploring me to not plan stuff, here is what I've got planned:

* some painting
* a walk
* some babysitting (and working on a personal design website)
* making princess cupcakes for dear friend's daughter
* tea with an old friend

That's not too much, right? Mostly fun stuff, and Monday completely free.

Also to add: take stock of current TBR situation. I have to return some books to the library and get some new ones. I'm also attempting to read my first "So Bad It's..." book: Don't Hassel The Hoff. I don't know if I'll be able to read it through, but I'll give it a good skim. Plenty of bad review material already! Unintentionally hilarious! Poor David Hasselhoff.


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Stefanie said...

I'm supposed to stop worrying about the world being in such a mess and use it to motivate me shed trivial distractions and inessential wishes so I can dedicate myself to living an exciting, generous life filled with love and meaning. :)

I'm glad to hear you are painting. I can't wait to see what you are doing with abstracts. Nor can I wait to hear about your time with The Hoff. Have a fun weekend!