Friday, January 01, 2010

The Year Ahead

The Blue Moon of New Year 09/10.

I'm going to continue my new tradition of not making any formal resolutions, but I'm very excited about the year ahead (for once!) and I have a few things I want to focus on.

1. I have two creative goals which I really want to accomplish this year. We are restructuring our week to accomodate my work on these things, and I'm really excited about it. You'll see bits and pieces as I work on them! I decided to skip school for another year to work on these instead, so I'm very motivated to get them done! (hint: they involve art, cooking, and books)

2. Continue my success of last year's Keeping Things Simple. Not too much spending, not too much worrying, not too many "shoulds"... trying to keep things ultra simple and low-stress. It's good for Terri's health and it's good for mine, too.

3. Focus on the positive. I know there will be rough spots, and tragedy strikes when you least expect it. But we have so many good things in our lives and I feel better when I focus on those things. It pulled me out of some rough spots last year, so I'm going to continue the practice.

4. Figure out the house-buying question. It still depends on a few things, but I'm really hoping that by the fall of 2010 we will at least know whether or not we can buy something in the Bay Area... somewhere. Small is fine, starter-home is fine, a bit of a fixer is fine, townhouse is fine, a bit of a commute is fine. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm really serious about figuring this out. So the next time I see one of those free home-buyer seminars, I'm going.

I think that's enough. #4 will depend on a few things... but I want to be prepared in case the stars align and things work out.

No resolutions about weight, exercise, reading, eating, resting, working, cleaning, stressing or anything else which implies a "should." Just stuff I'm excited about and want to make some progress on! I'm getting together with a friend tomorrow to work on her plans for the year... it seems like new year, new decade = good time to make some big plans.

Terri and I made some fun couple goals too: go camping at least once, spend the night in the city, go see some music, attend church more often (because we like it). She made some really terrific goals. I just feel so positive. I'm a little frightened of this new and unfamiliar feeling. :)

Oh, and lots of people are choosing words for the new year. I decided not to think about it too hard, and the words that popped in my mind were, "Hop To It." As in, get a move on. Get stuff done. Enough pondering -- get moving. So there you have it. My big philosophical statement for the year ahead. Hop To It. I finally feel ready.

What about you? Thoughts for the new year?


Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Those are really great goals. Honestly you're an inspiration for living well. In the next year I hope to start living healthier and better, a lot of which is inspired by your efforts! You are an amazing person and I hope you have an amazing 2010. <3 Happy New Year, Daphne, and thanks for being part of my blogging world :D

PS My word verification is angst. And I think that's funny! ;)

stefanie said...

Love your moon pictures. It was pretty wasn't it? Here we were below zero and cloud free and the moon on the snow was gorgeous. I like your goals. I also like that you are so excited and happy about them :) Let's see, my words for the year are, "almost done with school, hang in there!"

Eva said...

Love the pictures! Love your plans! :)

Tammie said...

i just want this year to be better. not great. not awesome. just better. if that happens illl be a happy girl. :)

your moon shots are gorgeous.
it rained here all night and was super cloudy so we didnt even see the moon.

Barefoot_Mommy said...

I love that your moon pictures actually look blue. I'm so jealous. I can never take a decent looking picture of the moon. Pooh

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Good for you....I hope your house dreams come true. I remember that feeling of great anticipation. Enjoy your camping (that's not for me -- I like plumbing close by!). Have a happy new year!

Daphne said...

Lu: thank you! I like your list as well. And I hope you have limited angst in the new year. :)

Stefanie: so awesome about school!! Yes, the moon was so pretty. Terri insisted I go take photos. I'm glad she did.

Eva: I love my plans, too! :)

Tammie: That's how I felt about last year -- as long as it was better than 2008, it would be a success. mission accomplished. I know you can do the same.

Barefoot: it took some fiddling and stabilization, and I wasn't sure it would work. Turned out better than I thought!

Jolly: I really hope they come true, too. Been waiting a LONG time. And we like camping where there ARE plumbing facilities! :)