Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Things Which I Realized Last Night At 11:30 PM

Behold, my late-night brilliance:

* I forgot to plug my cell phone in.

* I'd better get moving if I want to get a few of these goals marked off by age 40. Wait, 40? (breathe, Daphne, that's five years from now)

* Life is supposed to be enjoyed, even and especially the little things. No, really!

* I might want to try The Artists Way again.

* I think I might be able to accomplish all my before-age-40 goals. Wait, is that optimism?

* There's no point in drooling over perfect, affordable townhouses on the outskirts of Oakland which have no yard, because one of the reasons we want to buy is for a yard.

* I need warm work shoes.

* I forgot, yet again, to transfer my handwritten notes into a workable document.

* If I stick to a not-too-demanding schedule, I could even get those goals done BEFORE 40. Huh? Who IS that in my head?

Amazing what two hours of solid creative work, dinner (prepared by Terri and not me!), and a few days of rest will do for you. Well, apparently not much for my memory. But besides that.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Yay! Go optimism! :D

Tammie said...

what exactly is The Artists Way? i occasionally read another blogger who mentions it from time to time.

Daphne said...

Rachel: yay!

Tammie: it's a creative-spiritual "recovery" workbook; basically helping to get through creative blocks or unhealthy thought patterns you have about yourself and your creativity ("I can't do this" "I'm not a good enough artist" "Who am I to think I'm a writer?" etc.) It's a very interesting process and kind of fun.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Cute post....Don't be stressing about those goals. Speaking as one who is over the 40 mark, it's just another day. Savor your moments and you'll have a full life with lots of wonderful accomplishments and memories.

Susan said...

I like those late night thoughts of yours! They can keep company with mine :-D
Funny, I was just thinking that maybe I should do the Artist's Way again too! I need to be more creative in my life, I feel in such a funk and haven't written in so long......
And I'm over 40, and goals are moveable ;-D

Eva said...

Now I want to read The Artist's Way. Even though I'm not an artist. lol

Daphne said...

Jolly Bee: thanks -- very good advice!

Susan: Artists way is good stuff.

Eva: maybe I should do a read-along Artist Way! :) (and it's for anyone creative, which you certainly are!)

Stefanie said...

Forty-smorty. Forty is no big deal. 30 was a bigger deal. Heck 40 is the new 20! ;)