Monday, December 07, 2009

Wish: Granted

So remember how I keep complaining about how warm and not-wintry it is here? Well, my wish for winter weather has been granted. It's quite cold here (about 40 out right now, and dropping, with snow in the hills and surrounding cities -- we are somewhat insulated from hot or cold by low elevation and proximity to the Bay). And although today was sunny and cold and bright, it's supposed to be rainy and snowy and stormy later in the week. Which makes me VERY happy.

However, the one part about the winter weather which I always forget is that our house is freezing. I realized today that this is the only the second time I've lived in a house with electric baseboard heating, and the other house that I lived in that had the electric heat also had a wood stove (and room for a ton of wood out back) so that helped. I've either had wood heat, gas heat, or steam heat. All of which are lovely. Electric baseboard heaters, in a virtually non-insulated house, are a joke.

So, we are hunkered in our bedroom, having abandoned the rest of the house, which is a balmy 50 degrees. We only venture into the kitchen for hot tea or food, which we bring back to the bedroom. We have our trusty oil radiator heater on low, which warms up the room nicely, and if we keep the door closed, it's quite cozy. Everybody's in here, me and Terri and the kitties.

Actually, if we wanted to be in the living room, we could warm it up with a combination of the oil radiator and the baseboard heater, and we could have a fire and it would be fine. But frankly, it's pretty darn cozy and comfy in the bedroom, so why bother? Here's another view, with what we refer to as the "sinful" new TV, which, having figured out all the problems (and actually we just got a different TV), we love. It's so decadent having this lovely TV in the bedroom. We feel very luxurious, all cozy and snug with a movie on.

We still haven't got all our art up on the walls, just random pieces that we like. It's a work in progress. But the bed is fabulous, especially when we tuck in the hot water bottles. It's seriously warm and cozy.
Katie takes up the entire middle of the bed, and we are relegated to the sides. She is the Empress of the Bedroom, so it's only right. She allows us on the bed (usually) and we are very grateful.

My mood seems to have improved -- it was headed for a serious downslide a day or two ago. Funny how appropriate weather and a good talk with your sweetie can make everything right.

Now, back to hibernating under the covers! We made this recipe over the weekend and it is PERFECT for a cold winter night. So delicious and cozy and healthy.


Kate said...

Stay warm! I feel your chill up here in Oregon :)

Nymeth said...

That sounds so lovely and cosy <3

Tammie said...

your set up sounds wonderful.

this may be a too personal question but what kind of sheets/comforters are on your bed? do you have a feather bed topper or is that your comforter? your bed always looks so plush and comfy.

Stefanie said...

You've got a cozy room to hole up in! Katie looks very happy and is very obliging to allow you both to sleep on the bed. Stay warm and dry. We are getting snow this afternoon and I am very happy about that :)

Daphne said...

It's super cozy!

We have the cashmina sheets from Domestications ( and they are sooooo comfy and warm. Then we have a thick fuzzy blanket, a down-alternative blanket, a double-fuzzy blanket from Shabby Chic at Target, and a big down-alternative comforter. And then on top of that we have a big down comforter from IKEA for extra warmth. Did I mention it's freezing at my house?

Barefoot_Mommy said...

LMAO... it's a good thing you don't live at my house then... because I'm part polar bear. I sleep with at least two fans on... even in winter. I need the air circulation to breathe and the white noise to sleep. I have flannel sheets, one comforter and one quilt. That's it. I'm good to go.

But you guys stay cozy and warm and comfy! I'm so jealous that you might get snow!!