Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacation Day One: Report

Today was a mixed bag, but overall good.

Slept in an hour or so later than usual. That was good.

Then I called in to work for a meeting. That was also good (not vacationy, but fine)

Then I did Terri's usual chores since she was going to the doctor for a big test today. Swept, vacuumed, washed the floors. Took care of some other house stuff. This was okay. Not great, but not bad.

Then I went out for petsitting duties. Always fun, but not very vacationy. But I did stop at the thrift store and got guest sheets, a new shirt for me and a shirt for Terri. That was fun AND vacationy.

Came home, had lunch, talked to Terri. That was good.

Couple of lost hours after lunch. I don't remember what I did... so it couldn't have been all that great. Oh! Did laundry. Went to the drugstore. Bought experimental hair thingies. Thingies did not work. So, could have been good, but wasn't that great.

Ate dinner (yummy leftovers = good) and worked on graphic design project (good, but is still work).

Made brownies. Yay! Messed up the recipe. Boo! (baking SODA is not the same as baking POWDER)

So, let's add it up.

Let's say... 4 goods. 3 mixed. 2, maybe 3 rather unvacationy things.

So... the good things won! Yay! Let's call it a win. Now I'm going to go have salvaged brownies and read The Fox Woman. We'll end it on a good note. Tomorrow should be a very good day, so I'm looking forward to that.


Eva said...

I messed up chocolate chip cookies one time doing the same thing. Now whenever I bake I triple-check, lol.

Daphne said...

Eva: the thing is, I *almost* have this recipe memorized, so that's why I messed up... I didn't check it because I *knew* it was one of those! Guess it's not *quite* memorized enough...