Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Quiet Over Here

Been busy lately; I keep forgetting to blog. Nothing that exciting happening.

We bought a new chair for Terri. It's a big, fat teddy-bear of a recliner. The inexpensive (but pretty) couch that I bought when we moved here is just not made for laying on all day. It's made for college kids to flop on while drunk. So... it's pretty, but not what we need for a little invalid. So we got this soft, supportive, wonderful healing comfy chair for her. It's soooo comfy. I wish the living room (and our budget) would fit two of them!

Other than that... I'm sure stuff has been happening, but I haven't been sleeping well and I've forgotten all of it (if there was anything).

However, all the library books are due this Saturday, so it's time to pick some new ones. I'm not sure where to go reading-wise now. Maybe something light and summery. Although it's awfully chilly and foggy out there right now.

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