Sunday, March 08, 2009

Owl #3 (and a half)


This little missy took awhile. I just psyched myself out about her. First, the pink was all wrong. It was bubblegum pink. I wanted cotton-candy pink. So, that had to be all redone. Then I had some trouble with the tree and could not figure out how to do it. So the tree was redone multiple times. Then it just sat. And sat and sat and sat. Until Miss Gray Owl decided she was ready.

And whoooo is there beside her? It's her little owlet! As you can see, she is very protective of him. I actually started out with just her alone, but then got a strong feeling that she was a mother and her fierce expression was one of protection. So she got her little baby.

There's also a little bluebird on the lower branch, perhaps welcoming in spring.

Speaking of spring, spring has sprung here in the Bay Area! Remember our fiery orange trees from when we first moved in? Here they are now, in full fluffy blossom. It smells delicious outside; I'm not sure what it is, but everything is blossoming so I'm just assuming it's some sort of amazing perfume of various fabulous flowers.

In other news: I seem to have gotten bitten by a nasty spider or something. I have a giant open wound on the side of my calf, which then seems to have gotten infected, so I am now on antibiotics (yes, I went to the doctor). It's disgusting, painful and feels really yucky. It's kind of disturbing. It happened so quickly -- I woke up Saturday (yesterday) with a giant blister on my leg and here it is 7 pm on Sunday and it's totally infected and horrible. Yuck.

Anyway. On that delightful note, happy Daylight Savings, everyone!


Tammie said...

oh gosh..i hope your spider bite trauma ends soon. do you want to hear a gross spider related story? you know you do.
i hang my laundry out on a clothesline between 2 big trees. when the clothes are dried i just grab them and hang them in my closet. one morning i was getting dressed and i looked down and in the crotch of my jeans was a giant assuming he fell out of the tree. this is all made worse by the fact that i sometimes *ahem* dont wear undergarments. i know that is probably WAY too much info but i want you to fully understand how mortifying that spider incident could have been. ugh.

oh, and love the mama owl.

Nymeth said...

The owl is amazing! It might be my favourite of the three.

And that sounds scary about the spider bite! I'm terrified of spiders, even though we don't have poisonous ones here. But I tend to get really paranoid when I travel to places that have them. I hope you feel better soon!

Miss D. said...

Tammie: ugh. That is a scary story. I'm actually not at all afraid of spiders, but when they bite me, then it's war. Especially when it turns into a nasty, oozy, festering sore. Gross!!!

Nymeth: thank you! I can't decide how I feel about these owls so it's nice to have your feedback!

Stefanie said...

I love your owl! The pink makes the tree stand out in a very striking way and I like the little owlet!

Sorry about your spider bite. Do you get black widows where you are? We don't here but used to get them in SoCal all the time. They scared me especially since my mom has a scar on her chin from when she got bit by one as a kid. Hope the bite is better soon!

Susan said...

Love the owl, beautiful as always, and soooooo grossed out about the spider bite! I might even have nightmares - they are like the creature I am most afraid of in the world, and they LIKE me and are always around! no kidding. they come into the house in the winter, and move out in the summer. And when we lived in BC in my childhood, we had black widow spiders in our house! Gah! I hope you feel better soon and that I'm not making you more grossed out than we both must be at this moment. *shivers*