Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter Egg Tree, Plus, Thoughts

I'm too tired to download all my egg tree photos, but luckily I liked the first one, so here it is! I love this gentle yellow color with the lavender ribbon. You can see some of the other eggs hanging... there is also a half-egg shell that I will be putting a small little chick into, once I find one. It is surprisingly difficult to find small fluffy chicks! Come on! It's Easter season! Chick time!

My mood has been less than great for a couple of weeks now -- a few high points, but mostly pretty subdued. The infection took a lot out of me, and I've just been very tired. I'm trying to eat better and next week will be attempting to get up early and go for a walk in the morning. Note that I said "attempting."

I've been noticing something since we moved. Although I've lived in Oakland before, this time around it feels different. I may have mentioned this before. This time around, I am feeling a strong sense of place -- a strong sense of belonging, which has completely surprised me. I am a born-and-bred Oregonian and nowhere will ever feel as much like "home" as Oregon. However, I am feeling connected to Oakland and it's very comforting. I love Alameda (where I've lived on and off for probably 8 years) but something never quite felt exactly right. However, maybe it's the neighborhood, or maybe it's the house, or maybe it's just life circumstances -- this time, living in Oakland, I am feeling a teensy, tiny little bit of Oakland pride.

It's kind of bewildering, to tell you the truth.

Oakland can be kind of harsh. It's also beautiful, with wooded hills, amazing homes, and art deco architecture so wonderful that they give walking tours to see the downtown buildings. It is one of the most amazingly diverse cities in America. People here are gritty. There is a rough mix of high- and low-income. It's completely different from my roots in the small-town logging community where I grew up. But somehow, it's feeling... almost... not quite... but almost... like home. *A* home, perhaps.

Maybe because Oakland is, if nothing else, a story of struggle. And we are living in struggle right now. So maybe I'm feeling a kinship with this proud but struggling city. It feels kind of good. I like my morning commute. I like my weekend errand routes. I like my neighborhood stores. I like the mix of people.

And I especially like the all-night donut store, which is dangerously close.

Speaking of all-night, it's time for bed.


Stefanie said...

Like your egg tree. I know what you mean about feeling connected to a place and how surprising it can be. I feel similarly with where I am right now. What fun to have an all-night donut store nearby. Even if you rarely ever go there. The idea of it is appealing.

Susan said...

I love your egg tree! I may have to figure out how to do something like that - have a tree to decorate with seasonal items - I really like that.

As for finding a home, it's hard, isn't it? Not the house, but the right city to live in. Even though I've lived in Ottawa most of my adult life, it doesn't feel like home, no matter how much I do here, yet it's a good city to live in for now. But when I saw York England for the first time (and again at Christmas) I felt more at home there! Instinctively. So it must be a blend of personality and city, and Ottawa is too bureaucratic for me....I love the west coast, and Victoria, much more. and I can always like a place with an all-night donut store! lol I like how you describe Oakland, I've been to San Francisco many years ago, and Oakland had that feeling then too.

another lovely post, Daphne!

Miss D. said...

Stefanie: I know, it's pretty tempting to have the all-night donut store (especially since it's the BEST DONUT STORE IN OAKLAND). Thankfully we aren't late-night-owls. :)

Susan: I am sure I would feel at home in York, too!! :) I loved your posts about it. If you're ever in the Bay Area, we should meet up for booktalk!