Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finding The Light

Today was one of those no-good, rotten all-around bad days. Well, not completely. But by 2 pm, when my computer pretty much ground to a halt and I couldn't get anything done and was pulling my hair out, I felt pretty crummy.

Then I came home and saw the messy table with the half-finished painting that I've been avoiding. Apparently I am too scared to finish it. It's different. It's pink. It has two owls (neither of which are visible yet). I'm nervous. I think it's going to go all wrong. So there it sits.


But, I have a new lamp with a fancy new light bulb. So I could start working on it at any time, right? Right. I'm just grateful that I have a nice big table where my project can sit (for weeks). And a partner who doesn't mind that my project is there on the table, waiting for me to get my creative act together. Which I will. Um, this weekend.

So here's another of my To Do Lists. Just for the record.

* Finish Owl Painting #3
* Work on Secret New Idea
* Update websites, biz cards
* Work on Secret New Idea #2
* Think about New School Idea (because apparently I can't stand not being a student)
* Go to a drop-in life drawing class
* Bake more brownies

I like that last one, in particular.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm dying to know what Secret New Ideas #1 and #2 are! I respect your right to play it close to the vest - but I just love things that are none of my beeswax!


Tammie said...

ooh im intrigued by Secret New Ideas as well.

Nymeth said...

I hope tomorrow's a better day, Daphne! And I suspect the owl painting will turn out just fine.

D'Arcy said...

I also love things that are none of my beeswax! And brownies...

Stefanie said...

One can never have too many brownies. Can't wait until the secret new ideas aren't secrets anymore. And if the pink owls don't work, you can paint over them and start over. But I bet they will turn out great.

Shea McGuier said...

OOOOOH! You know we're definitely taking a Long's run tomorrow! Exciting, exciting, exciting! Hope the tummy feels better. :) me

Miss D. said...

You are all too funny; I should post ambiguous secret ideas more often!