Thursday, December 11, 2008


10 loads of laundry (all at once, thank you Laundromat)

1 blanket that didn't dry by the time the Laundromat closed (damn you blanket)

1 mangled ankle (thank you wacked-out Laundromat cart)

2 bags of clothes into the garbage (less to wash)

1 bag of clothes to either dry clean or hand wash (does it ever end?)

Untold amounts of small-stuff to fiddle with

1 cat to sedate, 3 cats to move

1 car full of stuff already

And, in addition to all that, please note:

2 acting parts in parody skits at gigantic work meeting today, resulting in audience laughter (thank god)

It was a good, very busy day.

All I want to do is sleep for a week. Seriously.

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