Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Sad, Bad Day

Today has not been the best day. In fact, it's been sad and bad.

1. Either the mold is stirring up my allergies, or I'm getting a head cold. Either way, I'm exhausted and sniffly and can't afford to get sick. So I came home early to rest. However...

2. We just found out today that Terri's compassionate, grumpy, Jewish, gay, vegetarian, bike-riding, Israeli-activist and genuinely amazing-human-being doctor (here in Alameda) was killed in a bizarre accident (?), falling to his death in an elevator shaft in San Francisco last week. What a shock. Because Terri saw him every month, they got to know each other quite well. What a terrible terrible loss for everyone. We've been grieving all day. We would have stayed home, taking good care of ourselves, except for the fact that...

3. Terri had to go to the podiatrist to check on her troublesome toenails, only to find out that the doctor wanted to remove them today. TODAY. At 3 pm, to be precise. So, at 3, we went back and she had the procedure. When she came out of the doctor's office, hobbling in walking casts with both toes bandaged up, it just broke my heart.

What a day. Not much resting. I think that is what we will go do now. Rest. With feet up. Me, too.

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