Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been fighting off a grumpy mood all day, but I did manage to accomplish some stuff today. I also wanted to show off some progress!

So here is the cute antique faucet in the bathtub. The bathtub/shower is odd (the shower comes out directly overhead) but it does have cute details and the bath is quite deep, so I'm not complaining.

And, ta-da! The nook, transformed into a wonderful chef's galley (or something like that). All the kitchen 'overflow' is here as well as a nice big table. I got some low stools to sit under the table for casual dining/sitting and working on stuff at the table. I kind of love the kitchen, which is a nice surprise as the kitchen was the 'compromise' of the place.

Here's the view of downtown Oakland from the back deck that we share with our neighbor. It feels very nice and open back here.

And, the coziest reading spot ever. Miss Cleo agrees, it's pretty wonderful.

I managed to get all my spices put away (believe me, that is a feat) and got some other things done. Not much rest today, despite best intentions. I have a hard time relaxing when things are not in order at home.

I was very pleased with myself that I managed to salvage a nice MagLight flashlight. I went to change the batteries and discovered that the old batteries had leaked (?) and become adhered to the walls of the flashlight. With some WD-40, an old knife and lots of pounding, I managed to get the batteries out, the case all cleaned, and the flashlight working again. Which is good, since one of the things about this new place is that some fairly important circuits run on fuses, and it's the thing where if you forget to turn off the one thing when you run the other thing, the whole fuse blows. So, it's good to have a flashlight handy.

Well, the grumpy mood remains barely at bay, so I'll leave off now and have dinner and try to finish my book.


Eva said...

I lurve your chef's galley to bits. :D You're making me so jealous of your new place!

Ally said...

I love seeing all the pics of your cozy new place! I'm really glad you guys have a healthy place to call home that seems to fit you well. And the fireplace! *swoon*