Friday, December 19, 2008

Is That -- Gasp -- Christmas Spirit I See?

Well, maybe just a *little*. Frankly the holidays are passing me by and I don't mind at all. Next week I want to make a batch or two of cookies (and maybe a small batch of salt caramels) and then just focus on putting the house away with the goal of having the house feel "okay" on Christmas Day. I don't know if we're doing anything on Christmas. We are so exhausted that going anywhere other than down the block for church sounds like too much. But we will see.

But back to that old Christmas Spirit. People are so nice and generous. Some of the lovelies from today:

* a big box of Origins bath goodies in that amazing ginger scent
* See's nuts and chocolates
* handknit fingerless gloves from a petsitting client
* Peet's gift certificate
* various and assorted other holiday chocolates

Yes, lots of chocolate. Most of it ended up in the work kitchen but I did bring a little bit home.

Speaking of home, we got our new couch today! It's such a beautiful color, a rich, glowing terra cotta. It looks perfect in the living room. As soon as I can find that darn cord for the camera, I will post pictures. Believe me, you don't want to see the place as it is right now anyway.

Oh, and the bed-jostling has settled down quite a lot so we don't feel every little movement anymore, thank goodness. I am now 100% in love with the bed.

And, we got our fancy air filter, thank you very much lovely family. We'll plug that in tonight and be breathing the cleanest air in town.

I'm almost done with my current book, Heart In The Right Place, review later tonight. I'm headed off to take a deep hot bath with yummy bath goodies, a small plate of chocolates and a big glass of ice water. In spite of all the suckiness, life is pretty good sometimes.

I guess it *is* the Christmas Spirit after all...


Lesley said...

I have been slow to get in the Christmas spirit this year, not that I'm in a negative mood, but it just doesn't seem like we're less than a week away. I didn't even mail out any cards this year, which is a first for me. I hope you have a relaxing holiday! The couch sounds lovely, by the way.

stefanie said...

I can't wait to see a photo of your couch. The color sounds yummy and would go quite nicely in my house :)