Monday, December 01, 2008

I Survived NaBloPoMo!


What a yucky month. Glad that's over with. My mom coming was a bright shining burst of happiness in a month otherwise overcast and gloomy.

Now that it's December and it's 11 days 'till moving to our new lovely home, posting will probably be lighter, as I seem to have nothing much to say except to rattle on endlessly about what a pain this move is. God, I'm a bore.

Seems like I had something slightly more interesting to say, but maybe not. I'll post now and again over the next two weeks but I can't wait to post photos of the new place, which we won't get to see again until the 12th!

As an aside, one nice thing (among many nice things) about having a clinical psychologist as your partner is that she can help you with your stupid Abnormal Psychology extra credit. "Honey, what's a symptom of schizoid personality disorder?"

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