Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Things (even if it is freezing)

It's damn cold here. I know it's NOTHING like it is in other parts of the country (or even state), but when you're not prepared and when the temperature usually doesn't dip below 50, 30-something degrees feels very cold.

Anyway. Because with every move, there are good things and bad things, I'm going to list the good things. Because the bad things are getting me down right now. I'm very tired.

1. The beautiful red-and-orange fiery trees right outside the living room
2. The working fireplace
3. Our new bed
4. The pretty dining room
5. Sun-filled bedroom
6. Lovely view off the back porch
7. Gigantic walk-in closet
8. Deep bathtub (made even deeper by one of these)
9. A big fun blank-slate kitchen
10. Nice neighbors

I won't list the bad things. There aren't that many. I'm just very tired, very cold, and very much needing to sleep for a month.

Now, I'm off to do more errands and hopefully warm up the house after the fuses blew today. (okay, just the one bad thing)


Stefanie said...

Wow, that is cold for you. Perhaps a relaxing bath, a cup of hot cocoa and a good book are in order?

Daphne said...

That's exactly what I need! And then get into my new comfy all-natural latex bed. Ahhhh.