Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas Bits and Bobs

* Since moving to Oakland two weeks ago, I have gotten three parking tickets, two in one day (today). I don't think I've gotten a parking ticket in the previous three years! One was for mistakenly parking in a bus zone (really, I had no idea, and other people were parked there which made me believe there was a parking spot, etc. etc. I felt awful when I found the ticket.) One was this morning outside a pet-sitting job, at a parking meter that I forgot to feed. One was right outside my house just now, for parking too long in the 2-hour zone (still waiting for residential permit to arrive in the mail). Ugh. Fine. Lessson learned. I will be getting a supply of one-day permits for emergencies, and if you plan to drive to come visit for more than a day, let me know in advance so I can get you a temporary permit! Geez.

* I did a little more moving around of things, and now the breakfast nook looks very nice. Just need the under-table stools. I wrangled the phone-printer-fax-microwave situation very well, thank you very much. Stupid old-fashioned apartment with no grounded outlets anywhere.

* I think I have to budget at least one more day for all my pet-sitting jobs where people have flown somewhere. People keep calling to find out if I can squeeze in 'one more visit' because of flight delays.

* Fighting off moodiness. Tired, chilled, too many cookies and too many tickets. I think a healthy hot dinner and early bedtime are in order tonight.

* A bright spot: reading Cabinet of Curiosities, a treat which I have been saving for a moody day just like today.

I think I am going to declare February a Month Of Recuperation. I did this two years ago and it was great. I'm in desperate need of it again. Also, I seriously need to catch up on my reading.


Shea said...

Hi you,

Um... perhaps January might be a month of sort-of recuperation, too? February might be too far away!

Hope you guys are having a happy holiday hideaway time (as much as humanly possible).

:) me

Eva said...

So sorry about the parking tickets! When I was in Monterey, I accidently put my car in ticket-able situations three times and managed to escape, but a lot of my friends had at least one ticket. Craziness!

A Month of Recuperation sounds like a good idea-what's involved?

Daphne said...

I'll take January to finish up all the immediate to-dos... and then spend February reading, baking, sleeping, walking around our new neighborhood, and not doing any have-to-do projects. Only want-to-dos.

(it's worth a try, right?)