Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have the feeling the menu around here for the next couple of weeks is going to be featuring a lot of snacks. I just cleaned out the cupboards for Food Bank donation and tossed anything messy/open. So basically I have vanilla extract and a can of tomatoes in the cupboard. And I don't want to stock up on anything before we move. So... snacks.

Today's menu was:
Coffee (I have coffee one morning each weekend, that's my coffee limit for the week)
Half a donut (special request from Terri, and the bad thing is, we'll soon be very close to the best donut shop in the East Bay)
Chex Mix (using up large amounts of cereal)
Quesadilla (last tortilla, last bit of shredded cheese)

I haven't figured out dinner yet. I'm thinking maybe salad, although it's quite cold in here because we are keeping all the windows open as much as possible to air it out.

I feel like eating like kids (or maybe starving students?). PB & J's. English-muffin pizzas. Ramen. The quinoa-avocado yummy thing. We don't eat any of that stuff usually (except the quinoa thing, which we eat regularly), but I don't feel like making anything that requires lots of effort or investment of time. Usually I love to cook but I'm too busy sorting and tossing!

I am also proud of myself that I went out for a little 2-mile jog this afternoon. I need to do this regularly, and my new running shoes seem to be helping my knee. Bay To Breakers in May, baby!

PS: I decided we'd have brown rice, broccoli and red peppers for dinner. So much for PB & J.

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