Saturday, November 15, 2008

(insert appropriate metaphor here)

Rock and a hard place?

When one door opens, another door closes?

I can't think of the right one.

Terri got turned down for disability again; they claimed that she is able to work. I can't believe this. Apparently it's all "to be expected" and part of the process, but it still sucks.

For someone who wants to work as badly as Terri does, it's just insulting to say that she could work but just doesn't want to (or whatever it is they think). They claim she could walk 6 hours a day. She can't walk a half-hour a day. They say should can lift 20 pounds throughout the day. She can barely carry a bag of groceries.

I'm so angry I could cry.

I'm glad we have the new place because we'll get out of the mold -- we got some more encouraging examples today of people who started getting better once they get out of mold environments. But I feel like it's such a cruel rollercoaster. Yay! We (hopefully) got the place! Shit, she got turned down for SSDI. Now what?

So now. Now it goes to a judge. We'll have to figure out what we need to do in order to present the most effective case. We have a lawyer. All that stuff. I'm just stunned right now and so angry.

We'll be okay, I have some alternate sources of income that will hopefully work out. I'm creative. I'm frugal. It's just so unfair that all of this had to happen. I get so angry about all of it, especially when something like this happens. As if it weren't bad enough that Terri feels bad 23 hours of the day, then the federal government comes and kicks us when we're down.

Who knows. Maybe the move will give her enough improvement that things will start to turn around. We can't count on it. What else is new?

I'm just mad, sad, shocked, upset, and totally stunned. I may have to go into a frenzy of housecleaning to get my mind off this. What I want to do is cry.

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stefanie said...

That really sucks. I am so sorry. I've heard it usually takes several tries to get disability. When do you go to court? I wish you all the best!