Tuesday, October 14, 2008


No, we don't have rats (that I know of... wouldn't that be perfect on top of it all?). Instead, I'm feeling really crummy. My ear was really bothering me yesterday (quick review of my ear trouble: I have a replaced eardrum in my right ear, with a permanent tube. It gives me trouble sometimes. I had a massive ear infection earlier in the year and am now a little paranoid about it), but I wasn't too concerned (just bothered) until the evening, when I started getting dizzy and woozy, and then the nausea hit.

For the rest of the evening I just sort of stayed in one place and then went to bed at a reasonable hour. I fell asleep okay, but then, starting at around midnight, woke up every twenty minutes or so (it felt like every five minutes) and could NOT settle down for the life of me. I think it was the nausea and room-spinning effect. Fun!

This morning I still feel really sick to my stomach and slightly dizzy. My ear isn't bothering me so much, but I know that it's tricksy. I called the nurse hotline and they said to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor for my ear because 4 out of 5 times they say that it's totally fine and send me on my way. However, I do wonder if I need a stronger decongestant or something.

This weekend I am going to do mold clean-up in our house. I'll get a mask and gloves and bleach all the windowsills, the wall behind our bed, etc. And vacuum the entire house really well. Hopefully that will help, if this is allergies. I don't feel itchy-eyed or anything but I suspect allergies are playing a part.

So, I'm home today. I'll get Terri to drive me to the doctor (I feel too shaky to drive) and then spend the rest of the day studying and reading. I have to go to my class tonight so I hope I feel better by then.

Two woe-is-me posts in a row. Maybe this is a sign for the need for a little self-care. Self, take care of self!!

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stefanie said...

I hope you feel better soon!