Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pet Peeves

Since I'm on my crabby bandstand, here are a few pet peeves which have surfaced today:

* People who take an entire full cart of groceries to the self-checkout line and caarreefully scan each item and then check to make sure the price comes up and then carefully bags the item and then moves another item to make sure there's room for that new item and then they look around for the next item in their full cart and then... you get the picture. (this one is especially bad when you are almost-but-not-quite well enough to be at the grocery store and are only purchasing three items and are dying to get back home)

* Irate cyclists who yell at drivers (not me, thankfully) for crowding them when they (the cyclist) are making an illegal traffic move (and holding up rush-hour traffic to do so).

* Harsh sunlight and 80 degree temperatures when it's supposed to be all crisp and autumny and that harsh light does no favors to an unwell face with no makeup. Instant depression.

* There are quite a few others that I noticed while in the grocery store, but frankly they are too mean to be written down and are only an indication that I really shouldn't have been at the store in the first place.

I swear, I'll get over this crabby self-pitying thing soon. Promise.

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