Thursday, October 30, 2008

Counting Down

Geez, and I couldn't even get my act together to carve ONE pumpkin last night. Tonight, I promise. We have The Omen on TiVo. And The Witches. Sounds like a good night to me.

I found myself getting a little bit of that butterfly-stomach feeling today when thinking about the election. It's on my mind a lot. I've been afraid to hope, but as the days are ticking by and I'm reading the news reports, that little flame of hope for something better in our political system is starting to fire up! I don't think one man (or woman) is the answer to all our problems, but damn. It would be so freaking exciting for Obama to win. For so many reasons.

I got Halloween candy (for the kids, of course). Somehow both packages got opened. I don't know how. Smarties and Kisses were just dying to get out of the bag, I guess. I don't know what we'll tell the trick-or-treaters. "Sorry, you'll have to split one tube of Smarties between all of you."
I don't know if I'll finish The Terror by tomorrow night... I'm so close!! But my evenings keep being sucked up with other things, and I'm not letting myself stay up very late because I'm trying to recover from this stupid flu thing (cough, cough). I'm going to try, though. It's getting down to the bitter end. It's completely fascinating. And horrifying. It's probably the most horrifying book I've read in a long time. I can't wait to review it.


D'Arcy said...

You MUST post a picture of your costume! I can totally picture it and you look adorable :)

Susan said...

I managed to carve two pumpkins yesterday! But that house that did all those pumpkins, all different, I am in amazement and awe and it's so gorgeous! Next year!!

And I love how the smarties and kisses want out of the bag :-) they tend to escape here too, helped by the 'big kids' as well as the little ones!!

Hurry up and review The Terror!!! I want to see what you liked and found so scary!!!

Daphne said...

I'll review it today!!

The pumpkins are amazing. There's another house that has even more that I'll try to post today too.