Monday, June 09, 2008

I Am Apparently Incapable Of Resting

Queen Anne's Lace, photographed by Terri

Today is the first of my two days off from work this week. Although I took these days off in order to rest, I seem to be incapable of resting. Here is what I did today:
  • Got up at around 8:30 and checked work email, etc.
  • Went out to feed some kitties.
  • Stopped by Nicki's to get lemons and books and visit with the ever-adorable Lindsay
  • Changed the sheets
  • Did three loads of laundry including rugs (which I then hung on the line to dry since it was so hot today)
  • Scrubbed, bleached and dried the litter boxes
  • Washed the bedroom floor
  • Made blackberry pie from scratch (including crust, in which I used half Crisco, half butter, and was not entirely pleased with the results)
  • Hand-scrubbed the entire kitchen floor (whoever chose white linoleum for this apartment should be shot. Thank goodness for ammonium and vinegar!!)
  • Went to the post office
  • Went to Elephant Pharmacy and got foot care for my poor dry feet
  • Met the lovely Julia for disappointing dinner (the food, not the company) at Cha-Am in Berkeley, followed by a wonderful book discussion and visit to Black Oak Bookstore
  • Came home and ate pie. I think I like the all-butter crust better. Half-Crisco made it strangely tender (weirdly) and really kind of bland flavor. But we're talking pie crust here. It was still good.

See? Apparently I cannot rest. Oh, and here is what I ate today: 1 small cup coffee with half-and-half. Two big glasses of water. One handful of crackers. And then dinner plus pie. What was I thinking? I'm totally exhausted now. Maybe that's what I needed to do in order to make myself tired enough to rest.

However, tomorrow is another day off and I am actually almost all caught up with all my big chores so I should have some fun and rest tomorrow. All I have to do is take Cleo to the vet and fold some laundry -- the rest of the day will be spent making a Father's Day card, maybe going to the park, reading, and enjoying my now-sparkling-clean house.

Part of the reason I can't seem to rest is that Terri's medication (minocycline, an antibiotic) is making her feel awful, awful, awful. So awful that today she took a break from it (thank goodness). Yesterday she could barely speak, she felt so terrible. This makes me feel incredibly anxious and completely helpless since I can't do anything to help her feel better and it's obvious that she is completely miserable. But, today was better. She went to physical therapy for her shoulder (during which the physical therapist determined that she might have a torn rotator cuff, ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE) and tonight she is back to her usual self, charming and funny and sweet and helpful.

Well. Now I have a really stuffy head from all the dust being stirred up with my manic cleaning efforts, and my feel and arms are killing me from working so hard on the floor (why my feet? I have no idea, but they are just aching), so I'm off to take some allergy meds and read my book in our nice clean bed in our nice air-conditioned bedroom with my beloved darling partner and wheezing cats, and try to actually get some sleep.

I do have to say that pie, even with slightly substandard crust, does make nearly everything all better.

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