Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Quick Post About All The Running I'm (not) Doing (updated)

Quick backstory: I come from a running family. Well, more like a track family. I spent a lot of time at the track as a little girl, and ran a lot of all-comer races. My dad and brother were both very serious polevaulters. My mom polevaulted for awhile, too!

Except, I sort of wasn't into the athletic thing for a long time. Then I started running a little bit. Then a little bit more. And then I loved it. And then one day, I decided to go crazy and train for a marathon. Which I did (and I finished the race!), and then I hurt my knee, and I haven't done much running since then.

(lest you think some althletic goddess suddenly bloomed within me, let me assure you, I am a total tortoise -- very, very slow.)

I have been trying to get back into it for a year or so, but something always seems to come up and get in my way. But now that my class is almost done, I'd really like to get back in the habit. Especially since we have determined that once and for all, I do not like going to the gym. Shea reminded me of this great technique for mixing running and walking, and I think that would be really good for my knee. So. I'm all set. Except, I needed three things. Some new shoes (mine are a little worn out). An inexpensive watch (for timing the walking and running). And, a new bra.

I know there are women out there running who have more, um, generous chests than I do, but my ribcage-to-cup-size is kind of pronounced (32DD to DDD) and frankly, running can hurt. I needed a no-nonsense bra to replace the one I got way back when, training for the marathon (which was the wrong size, but worked pretty well). I just got this bra today. It's like a straightjacket for my boobs. Seriously. This is a Serious Bra. I got it in black (not quite so institutional-looking) and it's quite tight. But it's like having no boobs, and that is a bonus for running. I am very excited about this bra.

Second, the shoes. Last year or so my brother told me about Nike Free shoes and I got a pair. I quickly became completely addicted. I love these shoes so much -- they are like walking and running barefoot, only better. They are the best for just walking around, and they are awesome for running in, too. My knee hardly hurts at all and I can really feel my feet on the ground. I love them. I have a pair of 5.0's that are a little worn out, and I wanted to try the 7.0's (which have just a little bit more support). I tried on a pair of 7.0's today and I didn't like them as much as the 5.0. The heel was stiffer, and I realized that what I really like about the shoes is that it's really like not wearing shoes at all. So, I will just order another pair of 5.0's (the store did not have any in my size) and use my old ones for the next few runs (since they will be very short runs as I get used to running again).

And finally, a new watch. I never wear watches. Ever. I don't even own one right now. (or if I do, they are totally dead and in the back of my jewelry drawer somewhere). I'll just get a simple one from the drugstore or something. I don't care about watches At All.

I'm excited to start running again. I love running in Alameda -- nice and flat, and safe. I would like to get back up to routinely running 3-6 miles. I don't know if I need a race to 'train' for or not. Maybe. It would be enough to just be able to head out for a half hour or hour and feel okay out there. Last time I went running was in February (before my class started killing me) and I was doing about 3 miles and was just starting to feel comfortable again. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get back to that... but I'm not worried about it. It's the perfect time to start running again and I can't wait to try out my new armor-coated bra. :)

(Yes, I am totally avoiding studying! Um, okay. Time to study again.)

OK, I went for my little run/walk. Mile and a half, alternating running one block and walking one block (since I can't find a watch). Knee felt good, everything felt good... except for the fact that I had an iron maiden around my ribcage. Geez that thing is tight. However, NO bouncing at all, it was amazing. Towards the end of the outing it started to feel a little better so I think it just needs to stretch a tiny bit and then will be perfect. Yahoo!


Adrienne said...

As a larger chest ex-runner, I also suggest you go in to Title 9, if you haven't. They're in Emeryville and I've found a few "5 barbell" heavy duty bras there that fit my 32/34DDD frame. And you can try them on before buying :)

Daphne said...

Thanks! Actually I went to the See Jane Run store in Oakland and tried on quite a few bras -- this one was the most strappy-downy. :) They have a huge selection of good bras, too. Finally, a couple stores that cater to us larger-chested smaller-framed gals! (now if only I could find a store that's not Bloomingdales or Nordstrom that carries my bra size...)

Daphne said...

Oh yes, and it's funny because I was actually thinking about you when I wrote this post. :)