Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Had a great trip up north. I love it there, and especially when there is actually Weather. There was snow, and ice, and beautiful stars... it made me really happy.

I was so pleased to be able to spend some good time with Erin and also with my dad. She and I rented show shoes on Friday and headed over to Dad's to borrow some poles before going up the mountain (Marys Peak). Dad gave us the full tour of the 'farm', including the 19 chickens, various new structures, new fruit trees, etc. Later, Erin made the comment that when someone buys this property, they're going to wonder what the heck this guy was thinking with all those crazy structures, etc. I was like, someone else? In my house? In our yard? Wha?? That's not going to happen. I know that my brother and I will do everything possible to keep that house in the family, even if we rent it out. It's almost like no one has ever lived in that house or on that land before us. Dad rebuilt the house almost completely, and created the yard, garden, structures, even the walkways. It's a creation from himself. I never, ever want to see it go to anyone else.

But anyway. So Dad asked if he could come along and suggested we just go up the road a few blocks into the hills, since there was still plenty of snow up there. So we did. See photos, below, for our adventures. It was great. Well, it was great for the first three-quarters of the time. Then, Erin and I ran out of gas and the snow started to stick on our snowshoes and it was harder going. We were ready to go home after about 2 hours. But it was really cool to be out in the snow, on a beautiful day, just a couple blocks from my old house. Then we came home and had a 'picnic' on at the dining room table. It made me really happy to just be hanging around, eating random food, fire blazing.

The rest of the weekend was equally great. Erin's got adorable children (ADORABLE), and it was her oldest's birthday (the big Six). Had a party at the local bead store (which of course got me thinking...). Then back to Dad's for post-holiday dinner and gifts. We had turkey breast, scalloped potatoes, salad, rolls, and sweet potatoes. And angel food cake for dessert. Me, Dad, Yvonne, Matt, Beth and Erin. Then we had presents, which was fun. My dad is building my tool kit. I got the full prison-break kit: a file, a hacksaw, a few vise grips... then we all sat around and told stories. I mentioned the one about how, when I was about 6 or 7, Dad and I were coming back from fishing and it was raining, and the windshield wipers stopped working. So Dad rigged up some fishing line through the wipers, threaded them back through the windows, and it was my job to pull the wipers back and forth to keep the windshield clear (Shea loves this story). To me, I'm like, well, duh, what else would you do? I guess it's a little unusual.

Also how Matt and I had to take swimming lessons all the way up through lifeguard level so we could save each other when we fell into the river while fishing.

And then there was the time that Dad drilled a big well in the back yard to haul up water to water the garden.

Yep, good times. Actually, it was all pretty fun. It got me thinking about what the hand reader had said about me having a HAL 9000 line, where I have to have big, complicated problems to work on. Thinking about all the creative leaps it takes to come up with solutions like how to get the windshield wipers going, or how to water the garden when you have no money for the water bill, or how to keep your grocery bill under $20 a month, I can see that that's maybe the case -- I think I inherited it from my dad. Or learned it. I am truly happiest when I have some complicated, Important problem that needs a really creative solution. I like to think it all through and pull random threads and arrive at the Way (or at least, the First Step). I think I get bored without even realizing I'm bored. It turns into anxiety. Therefore, like the hand reader said, I create all kinds of things for myself to do to stay busy. Like endless housework that really doesn't accomplish much, or worrying.

So maybe that's a different way to look at things, this year.

Change of topic: my old exchange student pal Darren is coming to town in a month! Yippee!! It just won't be the same without the rest of the old gang, but I haven't seen Darren in... almost 14 years? Wow. I can't wait. We'll take beer, and we'll take beer, and we'll take beer (sorry, inside joke, D'Arcy knows this one!!). We'll see how much we can cram in, not sure of his schedule, but at the very least, a dinner in SF once or twice. Crazy. That will be fun.

Man, it's cold outside. I love it. I'm very happy bundling up and actually having some Weather. Jeez.

So, that's the report for now. I'm in my comfy, clean (thank you, Terri!) house, with kitties and lasagna and cookies now in the oven (that's one very large oven! Sorry, there's another inside joke). My beadwork for the night is done. Feeling pretty contented.

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D'Arcy said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there! Make sure you pepper the conversation with inside jokes like you did here so I don't feel forgotten.

WHEN are you coming to see me?