Saturday, January 20, 2007


Here is what I did today:
  • Slept in
  • Had tea with Terri
  • Took a long shower
  • Went to the city and had my hair done (love it!)
  • Came home and sat on the couch talking with Terri for an hour or two (so wonderful)
  • Looked online for new towels
  • Made a noodle kugel

What I did not do:

  • Chores (Terri washed the floor for me!)
  • Poetry blog (I will tomorrow, and then start fresh next week)
  • Cat litter, etc. (felt too much like have-to-do)
  • Exercise

So, tomorrow, I'll go to the bead store for necessities, do my blogging, a few little chores, and go for a walk with Terri. Next week I'm going to try and walk to work at least once, go to yoga at least once, and do circuit training or something at the gym at least once. Start small, right? It feels funny to not say, "I'm going to run three times a week, go to yoga twice, and do weights at least twice." Which is what I'd like to do, but come on. Let's be realistic. Let's work up to things, shall we?

Oh, and I'd like to add "Evening walk with Terri at least three times."

I had a good talk with Terri about how hard it is for me to just do nothing, or do stuff that I want to do (and neglect other have-to-dos). It's very difficult. I feel like I need to be productive all the time. That's what I'm going to work on in the next couple of months. Terri's feeling much more able to do house stuff, so I need to just let her (and not keep trying to do it, myself). I need to put in some 'just for me' stuff. I'm looking forward to it. I have three paintings in mind for the kitchen and I'm dying to do them. Why haven't I started? I guess because I'm not sure where to set up. Maybe I can do that, tomorrow (set up painting space). Maybe even here in the newly-clean office.

OK. In the interest of doing things I want to do, I'm going to go read Chapter 10 of the Artists Way, and take the new Oprah magazine to (electric-blanket pre-warmed) bed. And eat yummy noodle kugel.

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