Monday, January 29, 2007

PMS: The Ultimate Brain Filter

Add to the list of reasons why we women should be allowed to just stay home when you've got PMS (and/or your period):

Person today: Hey you! Did you lose a little weight?

Me: Um... I don't know, maybe?

Person: Looks great! (Thumbs up).

Me: Wha..?

First: okay, so when you're all puffy and PMS, you would think that it would be great for someone to say that it actually looks like you've LOST weight, right?

But then sneaky old PMS gets in there and says, "But wait. Did they mean that it's good that I lost weight, because I NEEDED to lose weight?"

(never mind that I have no idea if I've actually lost weight or not; most likely, it's just the sweater/skirt combination I'm wearing today)

So, you end up being all hurt and offended like:

What do you MEAN have I lost weight?

What does THAT mean?

If I haven't actually lost weight, do my normal outfits make me look fat and no one's mentioned it?

If I have lost weight, whose business is it anyway?

And so on.

When actually, I should be like, "Hey great! I'm all puffy and people STILL think I look skinny! Go me!"

Naw. That would make sense.

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