Saturday, December 16, 2006


It's kinda late and I'm really tired, but I have not been as good about blogging as I'd like to be. I've just been so busy. I visited a psychic and I want to write about that... but for tonight, just this.

I've learned in the past three weeks that I definitely have what it takes to work really, really hard at something I believe in. I can work too hard. For instance, this is what I accomplished Friday night, between the hours of 3:30 and 10.
  • Shopped at craft store for beads, etc.
  • Shopped at Safeway
  • Shopped at Trader Joes
  • Shopped at auto parts store
  • Screwed license plate back onto car (finally)
  • Went to meet petsit client, get keys
  • Stopped at Longs for a few stocking stuffers
  • Wrapped gifts and packed a Christmas box for mailing
  • Wrapped baby shower gifts
  • Drew/painted baby shower card
  • Stuffed and sewed 4 eyepillows (including repairing some bad sewing)
  • Made two batches of pretzel bark
  • Research, trouble-shooting and general messing with dissertation Table of Contents
  • Located and imported template TOC
  • Dishes

My house is a mess, but I'm getting other stuff done, so I'm trying to turn a blind eye to the piles. Tomorrow I think I'm going to cancel plans with a friend and do some stuff around here so I can maintain sanity. Houseclean, finish up making gifts, maybe a tiny bit of shopping (also my Sunday cooking)... and find some time to relax!

I can't wait for January.

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