Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We Have To Leap, So We Don't Fall

So, this Universe, it's patient. But sometimes, even the Universe starts tapping its foot.

Here's me. I'm all, what do I do with my life?

The Universe says, What does this girl need?! A smack on the head?

So kind, patient Universe delivers up:
  • A very clear message through the Tarot cards (Stay the course!)
  • Kudos at my job (don't quit your job yet!)
  • Surprise jewelry sales (yes!)
  • Acceptance at one holiday show, and...
  • An invitation/acceptance for another, the following weekend (more yes!)
  • A big illustration job for a fledgling magazine (unpaid, but still)
  • And then, out of nowhere, someone emails me about doing personal chef services. How did she find me? Through my pet-sitting ad!

Ok, so if someone reads my pet-sitting ad and writes me about doing personal chef services (which I keep pondering and sitting on), that seems like a pretty clear message from the big U. Granted, in the ad, I think I mention that as part of my 'coming home service', I can have a homecooked meal ready and waiting, but this person just went all the way and was like, can I have 5 nights a week? And at the end of her email, as a PS, she's all, "...and I might need your pet-sitting services sometimes too."

Ok! Ok! I'm listening.

Even if it doesn't work out with this woman, even if this was just the Universe's way of knocking me on the head and doesn't mean for me to start the personal chef thing right away, I'm still taking it as affirmation that I'm supposed to keep following this 'doing my own thing' path.

Crazy, I tell you.

Anyway. Back to the beads. But hey, thanks, Universe. I'm starting to pay attention.

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Anonymous said...

Hey...hear that sound? That's opportunity knocking...open the freakin door already!! That sounds awesome, Daph.

In other news - I'm blogging now! www.inthelearning.blogspot.com