Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am not at the gym

Obvious statement, I know. But see, I'm supposed to be at the gym. I brought clothes and everything. I even went to the gym, got changed, and waited around for yoga class. And waited. And then looked at the schedule.

Yoga is from 6 to 7:30 on Wednesdays.

*sigh* I didn't even bring workout shoes since I was just going to yoga class, right? So, I just wandered back to the locker room, changed, and went home.

Do I still get an A for effort?

I hate going to workout classes, and I hate going by myself. But I thought, I'll try it, and I'll see if maybe there are any new-friend-y type people there. But, my efforts were thwarted by my inability to accurately read a gym schedule.

Well, what we'll do instead, see, is we'll make some split pea soup, we'll work on a necklace, we'll maybe make some popcorn later and we'll try to ignore the shooting pain in our neck which yoga class was supposed to help with.

Harrumph. I'm all tired and whiny. Time to read the list below, take my own advice, and chop some veggies, nice and slow.

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