Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Break in the clouds

I am tired and crampy. However, listen to this one: Life Is Good. Yep, you heard right! In the face of a too-bright, tired, premenstrual day, I dare say it: Life is great, and it’s getting better every day. Thank-freaking-God.

Want proof? We had a really good weekend. Lots of naps, healing, tentative outings and creative juices. Made some great connections with folks, had some fun, went for walks along the water (this is such a blessing all its own), got some sleep. And, get this,I didn’t do any housework! Well, I swept, but only because it was getting crunchy. Terri did dishes, I totally neglected the laundry, and I left the table covered in piles. I didn’t even feel bad about it.This morning I did have that ‘Hmm, getting sort ofpile-y around here” feeling, but I resisted the sirencall of ‘getting things done’ over the weekend and I took care of myself. Thanks to Terri and also to my body, for being tired enough to remind me to just sit down and bead or read or watch a movie.

It’s fun to see what happens when you choose to believe in yourself. I feel really good about these necklaces I’m making (more photos soon as soon as I figure out a good way to take pics). I need to do a website. Why not? Why not believe that I can make something of these? Why the heck not.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my hand-reading, about the Persephone line. It’s interesting in many ways. First, that Persephone has been familiar to me for so long. I played her in a play in first grade. I’ve been slightly fascinated with her story and its meaning ever since. The name always rings a certain bell in my head, as if it were my own name. Second, it’s interesting that it signals a person that is able togo deep with people, be a guide, and bring them up again. And that this is combined with strong intuition, artistic talent, and insight (in my hand).

I have an opportunity to be involved (lead?) a dream interpretation group, which will focus on expressing and analyzing dreams through artistic channels. This would eventually be a group that people would pay to participate in. This opportunity/idea has lit a small candleflame in my mind: this could be good.

Will it go anywhere? I’m sure it will, if I want it to. It’s not exactly my idea – someone else brought it up to me. But I think I could do it.

Life is good. It’s getting better every day. Signs are everywhere. I am deeply grateful for the good things in our life. For Terri’s increasing health. For my own strength. For our nice, bright, clean safe space. And everything else.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you reallyare. “ --e. e. cummings

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